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Black panel display - Can you spec it on its own?

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Hi guys!

Wondered if you could help me out...

I've just ordered an lci M135i (will be my first BMW) and I can't help thinking that I'd regret leaving our the black panel display from my spec sheet!

Having a quick search on here, it's clear that on the pre-Christmas model, it can be added separately.

However on the BMW configurator the lci black panel display can only be added as part of the pro nav?

Anyone managed to bolt on black panel display on its own on the LCI M135i?

I'd rather not smack on an extra £900 if I can help it!


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Black Panel Display is now standard on 2016 M135i. You'd need to add the speed limit warning etc. packs to it for the full effect though.
Standard on lci and was £135 pre
davidv111 said:
br0wny said:
Standard on lci and was £135 pre
Not quite it was optional when I bought it. Looks like it only went standard when nav did

Always been standard on 235
Ahh I thought nav was standard since lci launch
Technically speaking you're still paying for it seeing as the RRP of the M135i went up along with the addition of business nav. Small saving there though.

Standard from Sept 2015 when business nav also became standard
Menace said:
Standard from Sept 2015 when business nav also became standard
I agree but NAV cars came a little sooner than Sept 15 - ours is a June order July delivery and it's a NAV car with Bus. Nav and Black panel as standard.

I challenged our order form which didn't list black panel (I ticked this option & bus. nav) but was told it would go through as a NAV car and hence not listed as an option, as it's now standard.

*edit* even though BMWs press releases said it was sept 15 onwards for NAV as standard some ranges came sooner, I think the 2 series was similar time ie june/july.
Thanks for your help guys!

Walked in to a dealer today and say in an m sport 1 series, rubbing the passenger seat's leather like I chair some kind of leather fetishism club.

Anyway, It's clearly printed in the 1 series price list that the M135i has the full black panel display as standard.

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