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Hey all. We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes on establishing an extremely solid working relationship with BC Forged.

The great news is that the interest generated by you and our hard work has paid off.

For the remainder of July up until August 16th 2015 at the National heritage motor museum in Gaydon, we will be offering a group buy on all the BC Forged monoblock range in both 18inch.
The group buy offering in 19 inch is specific to the RS41 model.

6 sets of 18 inch in any style and finishes gets us to £1999 per set

4 sets of 19 inch RS41 gets us to £2399 per set

This deal is applicable to any widths upto 11J. It also covers all BC Forged finishes and delivery within the UK.

We are considering opening this up to other monoblock designs if the interest is there. So drop us a line directly or via the forum and we can open it up from there if those of you prefer a group buy on other monoblock designs.

Please be aware, after the 16th, prices will revert back to normal RRP which can be found on the website.

Check out the website for the full range.
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