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Thanks to Keeval for sorting this out.

Car Stickers are now available for each individual to buy.

Phil Dunford at The Car Sticker Co has kindly set up a special page on his site for members to order from
The stickers are of the following style:

They can be ordered with or without the leading 'www' and are priced at £4 (includes VAT & postage).
Outside of the UK will cost a bit more for postage, and details can be found by emailing the company.

Different colours or an additional line of text (your username for example)can be included.
Price for a non-standard will be £6 incl VAT and UK postage. Again outside the UK, please contact the company.

Please visit the link above, read what Phil has on the page and use the email link at the bottom to order.

Paypal is their preferred method of payment, but will also accept cheques.
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