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Good morning all.

Apologies for a boring subject matter, but this might be of some help to anyone with this issue.

I won't repeat the reams of blather that I've already posted - but if you want more background see this thread:

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In a nutshell - mctga was the key for me being able to get this issue sorted - (thank you fella)
He eliminated various possible causes down to an actual structural metal-on-metal creak coming from the area where the b-pillar stiffening & corresponding roof stiffening steelwork - meets the skin of the car.

I printed his solution off & gave it to the dealer.
They stripped the trim away in that area to expose the bare steel structure.
They then peeled away the dark grey mastic (putty-like-material) from the area - they had put it there in an earlier attempt to cure the noise.
They then sprayed the area with they list as "cavity wax" - I didn't see the stuff - which according to the tech is a fairly thin, oily-like substance.
Being so thin I assume it's penetrated into tiny panel-gaps between spot-welds etc........but whatever it's now 100% silent so I'm very pleased.

I hope this helps people out there that are getting no cure from window/door/seal fixes etc.........

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Glad you got it sorted Bavarian and pleased I could be of help! I admit I was pulling my hair out for a while when all the trim was removed and the noise persisted! I

Mine is still silent a couple of months later so it seems to be reliable fix.
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