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Hi guys,

I bought an Automatic E82 2012 118D coupe and I have found the car is perfect in every way bar one annoying thing.

When I use kickdown or sometimes just putting the foot to the floor the gearbox will jolt like it wants to change gear at 3,500 revs roughly. Its corrects itself and stays in gear but jolts the whole car when it happens and I lunge forward looking like a right ****.

This doesn't happen every time I put my foot down however it does happen quite a lot. I did just test it on my way home today and think it might be because the engine is possibly not up to temperature but even then, this shouldn't happen. After driving a E92 320D for some time with exactly the same gearbox this never happened.

Please let me know if you have encountered any issues like this or possibly know what this might be?
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