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AutoGlym Super Resin Polish - and plenty TLC

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On day of purchase (June 22 '07) the 1er looked like this on the sunshine:

Over 6 months and 8500 miles later, 1/2 way through the English winter and it looks like this:

As the title states some weekend TLC and a final rub over with AutoGlym super resin - not to everyone's liking I know - but it does what it says on the tin.

Well I'm pleased anyway !! :D :D :D
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Lovely job toon9 :D , have to say best colour with best wheels,(I'm a little biased though!! I always used Autoglym super resin on my black 5 with pretty good results, had my 1 3 weeks so mine will be getting done soon!!
Cheers msportmad - Like I said, I'm pleased with it which is all that matters init?

I almost got carried away, when I got my car & found this forum - by spending a shed load on more expensive cleaning & polishing products, namely Meguairs.

However, I already had the AutoGlym so decided to stick with it.
Nice work there toon, looks like new!
Just remember that Super Resin Polish is exactly what it says on the tin - a polish... so each time you use it you will be taking a thin layer of the lacquer off and most likely putting some mild marring into it.

It would be better for your paint to use the polish once every year (or less) and use a glaze/wax/seal the rest of the time.
Cheers preppeller - I'm always glad of constructive advice.

I think I'll take heed of what you say and get a decent glaze or wax or seal to go on the next time I wash the car.

Is Meguairs still up there with the best when it comes to this sort of product ?
Yep, Meguiars is right at the top of consumer products so always a safe bet - but there are some other really good products. After having my car properly detailed by Matt, I swear by Collinite #915 which has a high concentration of natural Carnauba waxes giving both a deep and durable shine.

However, if you like Autoglym, they also have a Sealant / Wax called Extra Gloss Protection which doesn't polish.
Sorry to but in..... cough cough..... but preppeller is right, I always used to make this mistake by using Mer, apply polish and no wax!

In terms of what to put on it depends on what you wish to spend! Some wax can cost a fortune! If you want long lasting protection and something that will make the car easier to keep clean then I would recommend a Collinite wax for durability, I waxed mine in August and the beading is still way ahead of anything i have used before!

Collinite 915 or 476s would cost between £16 to £22 for a tin, it needs to be applied in very thin layers and will last for ages.

Plenty of tips in the Ask Matt section too.

just my 2 pence worth........
Every 2 pence worth is vaulable and appreciated tminal - cheers

You could do with some buttercup syrup for that cough of yours mind :wink: :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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