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Are the LCI 135 and 235 both 2+2 seats?

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Not a deal breaker but I can't get clarity on the answer. I'm sure that the 235 is a 2+2 in the back with that plastic tray thing but there is some conflicting search results on if the 135 is (some seem to say its changed)

Can anyone help, has your M135i got one? I'd ideally like 2+3 for the odd trip out with teenagers and a 10year old in the middle which works in my 120d but it seems that center seat belt is missing on the *35i.... I just want to know.
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Ok, my concern is that the bmw configuration thing only shows 2 in the back of a M135i.
Hi peige, considering that you've brought up the subject of rear seats, be warned that even in the 135, they aren't very roomy.
Ok for children & smaller adults but very tight indeed for taller adults.
Yea, aware that they aren't that spacious in the back and the seating only just works right now, with the 10 year old now properly growing and the teenagers being taller than I its a bit of a moot point really but I just wanted to know for sure.
M135i 100% has 2+3. Used them all before.
Ok, thanks everyone. Thats what I needed to know. :)
AT cars have more room behind the driver's seat than MT - less legs needed to operate so less footwell room required to press fewer pedals.
So glad that the M135i has 3 seats in the back!

Got mine on order and never really paid attention to the back seats as 95% of the time it will be our 1 year old there. The wife would of killed me if it had only 2 seats lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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