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Am I the forums 'Miss Daisy'.....!!!

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First service done at 24,600 miles and I still have 4mm on my super sports. Despite some very spirited driving on a regular basis. Rear brakes have 8000 miles left in them as well.

They say good drivers look after their tyres and brakes.... :D

And let's not forget it has some extra 'go' as well.
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Lol, the MPSS only have 7mm new. Have you not ever chucked it into a corner?!
Motorway miles munching?

I'm on 25,000 ish now and still got original tyres too. Probably done half that on winters though so will probably need 8 tyres all in a short period.
Can't remember what the pads say but they were at least 10000 to go.
Doing nearly all long journeys (180 tonight) can make these cars very easy on the wallet.
Car is driven to the limit at times. Live in the country. Mixed road miles. Just drive properly I guess or have special tyres...;-)
i have just had to replace my rears as they were on the markers at 12000 miles and 12 months exactly :rollseyes:

fronts still look to have about half left :)
Smooth acceleration and steady around the corners I'm guessing is why your tyres have lasted so well.
Original owner of my 63 plate had only done 8500 miles in 27 months and had at least 5.5 mm on tyres which was great for me
There's a button that will get rid of that pesky tread. Traction control...
My original MPSS rears lasted 12k which was much better than I expected!
Ah-ha! I know exactly what the problem is. You're doing too much forward driving and not enough sideways driving!
Mine have just started to going on the rear tyres on the inner and only done 9k.
You guys with mega miles out of the MPSS , may I ask , what tyre pressures do you run ?
32 psi cold for minimal wheelspin and maximum grip.
marco_polo said:
32 psi cold for minimal wheelspin and maximum grip.
Do you not find running the same pressures front and rear that once the tyres get warm the front pressures increase quicker than the rears (I assume to more heat from the front disks) which makes the balance feel a little odd?

I run 32psi on the front but 34psi on the rear.
I run the slightly different winter to summer. No idea why just do. I aim for them to run warmed up at about 36 to 38 psi
They seem to heat up (and wear) pretty evenly.

If I'm off for a hoon I might drop the fronts to 31, but that's more to do with me running 245's on the front.
I run mine really high at 38psi rear
Just replaced my rears, originals lasted 17K miles. That was a mixture of all kinds of driving, including sideways action and a heavy right foot...

For reference I run higher PSI than most - 37/38 front and 38/40 Rear

Fronts still have life left in them, probs around 3/4 mm.
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