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aftermarket diffuser fitting ?

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Guys anyone here offer any advice / tips on fitting an aftermarket carbon fibre rear diffuser to an E88 120D msport ? easy enough to remove old diffuser ? I see there are only four mounting holes for the bolts within the new diffuser plus also the mounting tabs is this enough itself to hold everything nice and tight with no gaps or is the use off 3m tape or whatever recommended ?
offered the new carbon diffuser up to the oem diffuser today and I see that a fair bit off bend will have to be put in to one end to match everything up, this normal ? its a quality storm motorsports 3 fin type version.

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I thought the same when fitting one to mine.

It looks like it's not going to fit and even came with instructions suggesting that it won't look like it fits. I had to flex and manipulate mine to put it in place, which it did nicely. Although was a 2 man job.

Mine is an SSDD Carbon diffuser so again reputable. I'd suggest this is normal and give it a go.. It'll get there after some persuasion.
Okay that's great thanks for the info, did you have to use anything else apart from the mounting bolts / mounting tabs ?
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