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I have a 125d with the blue calipers and I am looking at discs and pads not due yet but ain't getting done by BMW I see a few have bought the discs and pads and sensors fitted the discs and had the pads and sensors done my BMW to keep the I drive service history updated is that correct ??

Most searches find the discs and pads for the 125d but say except m sport model / blue calipers I know the discs are 370mm is that right ??

I can fit the discs myself but would like to keep the service history updated I also read the is a spring on the rears is this correct as I have never changes rears with a spring that needs removing or am I wrong

Any info from members on here that have saved a few £££ advice will be welcome also any direct links to decent discs and pads as I have read BMW supply the better sensors

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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