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Hi, BabyBMW staff here.

Believe it or not, it's been six months since the new forum software went live. So, we thought it'd be nice to take a minute to welcome to all the new members of the BabyBMW Fam and especially to thank all the old-time members for sticking with us. Good to see the site going from strength to strength since the new forum software was introduced. It's busier than ever round here :)

Despite some initial reservations, we think that the new software has made the site much easier to use and increased the functionality tenfold. Images are easier to post, text formatting is straightforward and it's just a nicer place to be! The forum owners have been very responsive with any issues we've raised and have been extremely helpful.

Don't forget that all comments, constructive or otherwise, can be posted in the site
feedback section. Everything is read and taken seriously. Also, the team is always available should anyone need to chat privately.

Once again, thanks to all for making BabyBMW a welcoming place to visit and a vast wealth of technical know-how.

Your admin / moderation team:



PM us or tag us with an @ if you need help with anything
(within reason, this isn't that kind of forum).

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