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2017 M140i squealing under hard acceleration

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Hi all,
Hoping for some advice. I picked up this m140i two months ago and hadn’t had any issue till today. I noticed when I took off at the lights it started to squeal. I backed off the accelerator and it was fine. Under normal acceleration it’s fine and braking is fine. Only seems to happen when I put my foot down a bit harder?
Link to noise:
Grateful for any advice you can offer!
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I’ll add
Car is stock - no tunes
When I say normal acceleration is fine - I’m talking like accelerating from 50km/h to 60km/h
If I wanted to go from 30km/h - 80km/h then I’ll press a bit harder and that’s when it happens.
Turned steering wheel left and right in both forwards and reverse - no issues. Brake pads seem fine? Car reckons they’ve still got 13000kms on them.
Aux belt slipping?
Maybe! I’m going to take it in and see what they say. Will update here after!
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