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2006 118D Auxiliary Water Pump and Turbo Boost faults

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Hi Ive just hooked my car up to DIS I got from ebay its thrown up a couple of faults.

First is to do with AirCon and is the "Auxiliary Water Pump" - The A/C seems to be working ok but the fault always returns after the clearing. I can't hear anything when doing the function test on it. Anyone know what this pump does?

Second is the turbo boost pressure - I've known about this one for a while as it shows up on a cheap OBDII scan. The car runs fine and has plenty of power and when doing the function test the actuator lever on the side of the turbo moved back and forth smoothly. The fault code mentions a short or open circuit which confuses me as the actuator seems to be working OK. It's the electronic actuator on mine and not the vacuum one.

Any help would be welcomed.

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The second water pump is only used when the engine is off, ie, you're using the Rest function.
I don't have auto air con and because of this Carly always throws a fault code at me.
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