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1995 E36 328i LSD equipped manual £1600

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Hey all, not been on here a while now, but should be back later this year as will be purchasing another 130i around summer once finance is up on my skoda. Fell back in love with Straight six motors with my second car. anyway, listing on here just in case anyone wants a classic beemer for fun as i don;t have the time to run two cars ( hence the 130i in summer). is up in all the usual places but need it shifting to clear space.

So heres a copy of the ad and link to PH one too. Cheers all

Ok, For sale is my lovely 1995 328i Coupe Manual. I'm the 5th owner having bought it recently off a friend with the intention of running as a second car for some European Roadtrips and trackdays this year. However i have realised that i really do not have time to play with it due to new job commitments.

So basics first, its a 1995 car ( april Build) and is one of the first 328i's as it has the alloy oil filter housing ( same as M3) which changed later that year. It's a non-sunroof model so more desirable and no crash damage or evidence of it in the past. It has MOT until 6th Feb 2016 and V5 is in hand. Its also HPI clear and no debts or credit secured against the car.

Exterior and chassis

So for a near 21 yr old car its in superb condition. The previous owner had all the small carpark dents removed and its as straight as can be. There s the odd scuff or mark, but nothing to bad. The paintwork beads so has had some love over the years. Pictures are dirty but i will have some shiny ones once the rain has stopped.

Rust wise ( yes i know thats always the big question) The two rear arches have the start of some on the front of the arches, both same each side, its nothing major currently but i had planned to get this addressed sooner rather than later. Also the rear tailgate has some rust around the badge, looks easily dealt with and rest of tailgate is in good order. Underside is very solid, just one of the jacking points looks a little bruised but again nothing major. Both badges are looking tired but i have ordered new ones to fit.

Wheels are all clean and are 17 inch BMW Motorsport wheels, before you ask i am not sure if they are genuine as it does have a square set up and factory these would have been staggered but they look pretty good and the tyres all have plenty of tread. Full size alloy spare in boot.


Ok, so theres always one let down, for me it was the interior, theres no way of making this sound sexy, so i'll just state,Its Brown. Now its not too bad, but longterm my intention was to replace it for a black interior. I have fitted a Black roof lining a friend had spare. The front seats were tired so my friend fitted a pair of E46 Sport seats, of course these are Black and a little tatty, but really really comfortable. all the lights gauges etc work in the car, however few lines missing on the standard Tape stereo. Also this has the analogue Dual zone Climate control and yes the Air con WORKS!!!!


Ok, so its just under 94k and the engine has had a good life. its smooth and really pulls well for a 328i, Clutch has lots of life in it and no slipping and the gearbox is really tight and no notches at all. Service wise there is lots of history on file and some paid service work by the previous owner in the last 12 months. Its had an Oil change, Air filter, new plugs, a new Metal water pump and thermostat, New diff oil. also the Car being an SE had an open Diff from factory, however last year my mate sourced a great condition Sport LSD and fitted this with new oil. There is no noise from this at all and sounds like it has a lot of life in it. Also had new discs beginning of last year. Suspension wise it is lower than standard. The standard dampers were getting tired and leaking so a set of coilers were fitted. These are not too bad but i am pretty sure they are just basic Ebay Coil overs. Personally i was going to remove these and fit Bilstein B8's as i prefer a higher level, but up to the new owner. No rubbing or scrapping though.

Bad bits.

Apart from those bits of rust noted above, important to point out a couple of issues.

First up is i think an idler pulley bearing has gone as on idle now there is a slight noise coming from the front of the engine down by the fan and pulleys. I have researched this and is a common problem on either the idler pulley or Water pump. Seeing as the later was changed last year i would assume its the idler pulley. Does not affect drivability but will need addressing sooner than later.

Also the rear 3rd brake light is intermittent as there is a check light on the amazing computer which comes up, sometimes it works sometimes it does not and looking through previous MOT's it seemed to be a common thing nobody has addressed over the years.

Only one key, i was going to order a new one from BMW as these are £20 using Vin number, as the one supplied is getting worn.

Lastly the passenger window regulator clips have broken, again another common issue but i have the new clips so new owner can fix.

So there we are, a fast appreciating classic car, last of the proper RWD 3 series without traction control. This is a solid car which is 21 years old. so yes it needs a few bits done on it here and there, but for a modest outlay i think this could be a stunning car ( which was why i originally bought it) I have covered as much as i can, if you have any questions please ask. Please note dirty pictures are up today to list, but i will replace these with the shiny washed ones once the rain stops and i can get it out the garage to take some.

Oh and yes that quirky number plate with the 328 in it has been on the car since brand new, coincidence maybe but somebody really loved this car when they bought it.

Please i will take offers, but lets not get silly with them, I am not desperate for cash, i don't want swaps for your civic or saxo. i am simply selling the car to clear space in my garage. So please no offers of a grand cash, as the parts alone are worth more, but i don;t want to have to break it as like i say its a lovely car that someone can have some real fun in. If this gets near enough asking price i will chuck in a new M3 front bumper and M3 GT rear Wing

V5 inhand, is taxed and within last two weeks of its MOT. Oh and it has over half a tank of fuel in it so you can tell i was going to keep

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