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I currently have a 123d which i must admit has been remapped. The car sometimes will feel very gutless as if it has no boost, most of the time it will feel as quick as stock and sometimes will feel like the remapped performance. also when cruising at about 50mph for average speed checks for example it will sometimes let out some blue smoke from the exhaust until I give it some throttle. and am unsure what could be the problem as I like to try and repair things myself. I initially I thought leak down as it gives blue smoke on start-up or blocked PCV but I replaced that a year ago. So then I thought about the smaller high rpm turbo as 50mph is about the rpm that it begins to be engaged has a blown bearing but then surely i'd never have full power and it would burn oil which it doesn't. Would love to hear some thoughts

Also EGR and swirl flaps aren't the problem.

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