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123d M Sport Plus Cab - possibly for sale anytime from April to July

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Any interest in my 13 plate 123d M Sport cab? I had it from new and it has covered 14k miles. Just had first service and includes 5 year service inclusive.

123d M sport plus
Le Mans Blue
Auto - sport auto (paddles)
Pro Nav
Advanced Bluetooth
Heated front seats
Folding mirrors
Harmon Kardon
Oyster and black leather interior
Xenon lights with washers

Cost over £38000 new from BMW. Registered July 2013 on a 13 plate.

I either need to pay the select balloon payment (£16500) or hand it back in July. The easy option is hand it back. But.....

I have some extras for the right deal (BMW will not be getting these!) including a full set of BMW winter wheels/m and s run flats and a wind deflector.

I did a nav map upgrade so I think it has a slightly later map too.

I will miss her but can't do 2 cars any more.

Any interest?
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Offered £15,500 from both a BMW dealer and we buy any car.

Of course the closest I can find is £18,390 on BMW AUC site and that had loads more miles and not as good spec but did come with 1yr AUC warranty of course.
Here's a similar car with slightly more miles, no nav etc and older - mine looks similar in terms of colour and M Sport plus features (wheels for example and black mirror caps etc. )


Here's a slightly newer one but showing my interior colour. This is a manual and no nav still.


I will take some pics if it ever stops raining!
So in reality your balloon payment is what the cars worth :?:
Supply n demand
It's worth what it's worth
Yep. There abouts. So?
Slime said:
Yep. There abouts. So?
If there's no reasonable profit to be made by selling it privately hand it back and start again.
Agreed. But I was trying to save someone say 1k and get a nice set of winters in the deal etc.
They could allow some equity if you chop it in for another Beemer.
Ok. Thanks.

Hey you quit smoking almost 1 month earlier than me - May 18th 2014. Nice one!
And it feels great to be off them after so many years and quite a few failed attempts to quit.
Blackbmw120d said:
And it feels great to be off them after so many years and quite a few failed attempts to quit.
Well done :)
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