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123d Coupe M Sport with new 18" on

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just put some new wheels on, mv3 18" with diamond back tires.

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added pics of my rear cf spoiler, black grills and pedals

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new pics of cf performance rear diffuser

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Mine is shown here along with a bit more CF madness
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Very nice car! Those 18s look great!

Edit: just realised this is back in 2010. Doh! Lol
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That car is looking brilliant.

Next thing I would do would be the exhaust. Nice twin shiny tips would look ace
Are the MV3 wheels just a straight swap or did you have to get a specific offset? I really want some :)
Nice car. Spoiler on the trunk looks good.
Where did you get those mats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you ever have any problems with these alloys? About to order some now but I don't know if they will catch the front arches ? Wheels specs are
PCD = 5x120
Size = 18"x8"
Offset =ET37

PCD = 5x120
Size = 18"x8.5"
Offset = ET3
Great looking car, can I ask where you got your CF Rear Spoiler from? I've been after one for a while but can't find one I like on eBay that I trust!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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