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Few questions need help with in regards to my 120D XDrive

1. Door lock
long story short put vehicle in for repair from the storm. (Paint scratches on every panel)
Got car back and driver door won't lock.
Complained and said it's not them and that it would be a blown fuse as it's common.
I took the 5 amp fuse out and swapped it for another 5amp fuse in the fuse box just to see if the door would start locking, it didn't.
Took door pad off and everything seems to be connected. Door makes locking and unlocking sound it just doesn't lock.
Can still lock door with the key so it helps for the minute.

2. Parking sensor

Warning came on screen 2 days ago. Nothing unusual to indicate why.
Checked rear sensors for clicking all working.
Slightly pushed down on the bumper and they started working for a moment.
Checked front all clicking but I slightly pressed one of them and it fell into the bumper!!!
Walked away in anger. Could the issue be the sensor not fitted correctly ( bumper has been of to be sprayed ) or will I need to take bumper off refit sensor to start getting a better understanding of what's going on?

3. Brake pad and discs FR & RR

After brake pads and discs as want to keep costs down buying them myself but I have no idea what I'm doing with car parts and few websites I've been on even with reg still looks like you can easily get the wrong ones.
120D msport XDrive

Appreciate anyone that replys with help.

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