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Here's my car - arrived about three weeks ago.

Flashpoint / SensatecSchwartz
Rain and light sensor
Radio Professional
Alu wheels styling 207M 17"
M sport
Central arm rest (front)
Trim style Aluminium Glacier Silber
Manual Airco

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Time for another modification - it's a company car but I think that with subtle (cheap!) modifications you can get it more or less like you want it.

From this:

To this:

While this and the previous "mod" is not spectacular, it changes the view completely - less "toy" car imo.
I also "added" (sticker) the black BMW logo variant - but I was not too happy about it plus I ordered some caps for the tyre valves with the BMW logo and those are the original colours, so I removed the stickers again.

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Some photographs from last Sunday.
Location: Port of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium.

Gear used:
- BMW 118d :D
- Canon EOS 400D
- Canon 50mm f1.4 USM
- Canon 70-200mm f4.0 L IS USM
- Canon EF 18-55mm 3.5 - 5.6 (kit lens)

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Big A said:
Do M Sport's not all come with climate control and a multi-function steering wheel on the continent, like they do here in the UK?
Apparantly not - even manual airco was an additional option to the M pack I've chosen..

Here are the default M pack options.

Alpinweiss III (wanted this one; but is excluded by leasing)
Fabric Flashpoint/SensatecSchwarz
Trim Aluminium Glaciersilber
Alu. wheels 207M 17"
Shadow Line hochglänzend
Painted bumpers etc
Headliner Anthrazit
M aerodynamic package
M suspension
M sport steering wheel
Fog lights front bumper
Sport seats in front

Manual Airconditioning is €1000 (£789.84)
Automatic airconditioning is €1565 (£1 236.11)

The only thing that's a bit strange is the steering wheel. YOu have the standard steering wheel, Multifunctional steering wheel and M steering wheel.
Normally the M steering wheel (picture on the website for BMW Belgium) sports the radio control buttons. However mine doesn't obviously, but the wheel in that configuration (M steering wheel design, without controls) is not selectable on the website..

I didn't opted for the automatic airco. (even if it's better looking, and handy of course) because otherwise I'd have to give in on my paycheck - so I'm paying the company (deduction from salary) for the car, now it's more or less break even. (£7 / month)

I initially wanted the auto. airco., cruise control and white.
Like I said above, white was not an option because it isn't a metallic color (more difficult to sell the car at the end of the leasing). My girlfriend wanted Havana, but that was not configurable with the M styling pack, so we opted for saphirSchwarz ;)

I must admit I don't miss the auto airco - only the CC would be useful sometimes - but for a diesel the engine really gives you a great driving sensation so I'm not really bothered by that either ;)
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