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Hi all, Im hoping someone might have an idea as to what is going on with my 1 series.
its a 2014 116i sport with 37k.
It had been standing for 4 years when i bought it - parked up with timing chain noise and forgotten about.
I put a new battery on it and it fired up cleanly with no misfire. (didnt sound noisy either) I didn't code the battery.
I took it for a test drive and there was a misfire under load - i put it down to being stood for so long old fuel etc.
I had a timing chain kit fitted, full service inc spark plugs and all filters (it has no fuel filter)
Ran it and it gave misfire codes for cyl 3 and 4 and several cylinder injection shutdown.

My mechanic tried swapping coil packs around but the fault remained on cyl 3 & 4 which suggested coils were ok.
Next he put a full set of 2nd hand injectors in which removed faults and made it rev cleanly when idle but spluttering when putting the engine under load and bringing up Drivetrain fault.
It then gave knock sensor fault code. He changed the knock sensor and now when driving around slowly it gives no codes but from cold its very spluttery and gets less as it gets warmer but doesn't dissapear. You can't give the car the beans so to speak.

Drivetrain fault came on momentarily on a 30 minute test drive when i floored it but disappeared just as quick but stored fault codes saying cyl 4 misfire, several cyl misfire injection cut out, misfire cyl 4 injection cut out.

Baby it around with lowish revs and codes don't appear but it does splutter.

Unsure which route to go next!

Any input or personal experiences would be very appreciated. Thanks.
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