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Recently had my 2.0 litre 116d remapped from 116bhp to 177bhp, has made a big difference but was wondering if its possible to get any more bhp??
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Ecotune quote 200bhp from a remap alone.

210bhp with a DPF delete
Don't remap blindly - you need to upgrade the brakes and wheels (wider, grippier setup) if you want more power. At those power figures which Anish mentioned you're getting into 123d territory, so set it up accordingly. Don't sacrifice your safety for pub-talk and **** waving
You'll stress the car out, the engine & transmission etc have been uprated over a 116d in 123d. Hardware not just software. These eco tune muppets do they sell you full package where they uprated all the bits in the 116d that will wear out quicker.
Good tuners like Parr will sell you package of hardware & software...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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