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116d 3 cylinder engine noise question

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Hi my 116d 2017 has started making the bad noise as per the video When started from cold. It sounds also like it’s dropping off a cylinder. I would be grateful if any one has any ideas

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Would not drive it tbh !
I am not intending starting again unless I have to drive to a garage. But worried about further damage
I’d get that recovered to a garage. Don’t drive it anywhere. Sound serious.
I’ve got a guy with a code reader coming round to see if there’s any codes.
as it sounds like it drops partially on1 cylinder when it rattles I have a feeling it’s an injector. Will let you know what I find
It’s actually the belt tensioner making the noise. It is moving quite a lot? I have removed the belt but all the pulleys seam to turn smoothly.
The tensioner spring was strong and needed a good lever to remove the belt
Any ideas please?
Was the belt on properly, correct order/orientation etc.?

Is it the AC compressor/alternator pulleys? Those might seem fine when the engine isn't running and their clutches are disengaged.
The alternator turns smoothly. The a/c pulley spins very freely. I am unsure if that is right but there is no notchyness
i don’t know about the belt. I will have to try and find a photo. This is now it was


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Didnt sound like a big end bearing, or injector because wasn’t in a fixed interval. Looks like a pully or tensioner, a mechanic would be able to find the cause.
The new tensioner seems to have sorted it.
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cam chain tension or aux belt ?
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