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Hi Everyone,


Collected the wife's car (120d Sport) last Friday (24/09/2004), kept it for first week and very impressed. Already clocked 600 miles (80 miles to and back from work). Drove Audi A3 & VW Golf, this car is better looking and drives a lot better than the other two. However A3 does have a good cabin/interior, although wouldn't change what I ordered the wife. She wanted a mini, before I picked this for her, don't hear her complaining or even mentioning the words cooper s anymore.

She's nicknamed it "THE HULK"!!!

Now looking forward to what the new 3 series will have to offer. Big Fan of current BMW designs.

Sorry cannot work out how to make pictures appear on post.

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Hi Stephen,

I consider myself a bit of a gadget nut and I'm very impressed with the idrive controller. Very easy to use and also alot of fun.

I've got the Business Navigation (was unable to order Pro Navigation at the time I ordered, but the only differrence I'm told is that the Pro Navigation includes maps, etc). However the business navigation is extremely good and guidance is good and accurate and the arrow display is very clear and easy to follow. If I was able to order Pro Nav, I mostly likely would have (another gadget). Therefore I conclude you won't be disappointed.

Not sure about MP3's, however have connected my Mini Disc player and Ipod (through AUX input) and both work really well and sound is really clear and loud. Pro Speaker system holds base really well!!!

CD Changer in boot is really easy to operate via Idrive controller. Cannot comment on mobile phone use via idrive, didn't order bluetooth, wife constantly changing phones for latest offerings (sorry, shouldn't blame her, it's my gadget habit really).

Vehicle settings can also be changed/monitored via the Idrive controller and display monitor.

I really must say this is a very clever and forward thinking car.

The wife's had the car as of today and she informs me everything is easy to operate via Idrive, so we agree on something.

But she does think people are stalking her, she reckons she's been followed all morning and stopped when entering or exiting "The Hulk" whilst shopping this morning to give her opinion on the car.

The general public seem very impressed with this car and I believe you won't be disaappointed.

I'm 28 and the wife 26 and both our family's are Mercedes Benz lovers, however all this is about to change as BMW seem to be making the right choices for our future.

This is another master class, following the 5 & 6 series and I strongly believe the new 3 series will outshine all and take BMW to another level, regarding driving pleasure.

Hold on, just quickly read manual and I think you can only play MP3's via a MP3 player through the AUX input (like my MD player/ipod I'm guessing).

Hope the above comments are helpful.

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Hi mate,

Speaker upgrade is inaddition to the sat nav and is worth the money. Must say your dealer seems hopeless. Must point out that the dealer I used was very good and when ordering etc, when they were unable to answer questions I was very vocal and demanded they found out from BMW UK about any queries they couldn't answer (they always came back same or next day with correct answer).

I should point out that the dealer had my deposit for this car back in August 2003.

I should also mention my dealer was informed that I was unimpressed with some of their dealings with me and I did accuse they of being incompetent. However they did turn things around. The worst thing was that they had the car at the dealership on the 13/09/04 yet were unable to give me the car on the official launch 18/09/04, which pissed me off and they were duly told this.

I appreciated the fact they were open to constructive feedback.

Tell you dealer to WAKE UP!!! (make sure they give you loads of freebies, t-shirts, key-rings (the ones they try to sell for £20+, flowers).

Good luck.
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