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  1. Third Generation 1 Series (2019-2024 | F40)
    A little bit out of my element here so any advice or knowledge would be great. From my understanding, the 135i has 3 restraints on it. Firstly it's running at 1.7 bar boost pressure (I read that this is really high but how do you reduce this?). Secondly, the 135i gets really hot I was thinking...
  2. M135iX
    I ran into another M135i the other day that was popping, banging, and pulling away from me when I was in sports mode. We ended up going to the same place and I got talking to the owner. He told me that it has over 20K worth of mods. It has been tuned by Direnza and they have developed a lot of...
1-2 of 2 Results