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  1. Third Generation 1 Series (2019-2024 | F40)
    I’ve owned my F40 118i since June 2021. My car has just under 13,000 miles on it and the one thing I don’t follow the CBS for, is the engine oil. I gave it its first oil change at my local independent at 6,570 miles. They asked if they would like them to re-set the oil service reminder, and I...
  2. Third Generation 1 Series (2019-2024 | F40)
    Hi all, I'm due my first service next month and have booked in with a local garage. I'm just wondering how the app will react to having a service that's not by BMW. I'd like to think all the info will update regardless of the servicer but, I'm not sure. The garage will be using all BMW OEM parts...
1-2 of 2 Results