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  1. Problems, Technical Issues & Error Codes
    Hello fellow BMW owners I am having serious issues with the car as of late. It's a N55 135i, E82 with the DCT box. Driving from Amsterdam to Brussels, (a 200km drive), about halfway I accelerate out of a turn and get the red battery warning on the dash. Error is intermittent, I keep driving...
  2. M135i/M140i/M235i/M240i
    Hello guys, So happy I just joined the forum and found so much useful stuff! I just bought a 2016 M135i with 32k miles with plans to use the car as a daily, but also some mountain and track driving. I am scared about oil starvation and from the forums, I see it's a very common issue for the...
  3. 2nd Gen. 1&2 Series (2011-2021 | F20,F21,F22,F23)
    Evening all, So I'm looking to start taking my M235I to track days however looking for ways to stop the oil starvation issue. I have seen conflicting messages about the MMR Oil Sump, as some saying it only is effective under braking and doesn't help during hard corners and some saying it is...
  4. Problems, Technical Issues & Error Codes
    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. I recently had my m135i (n55) remapped. For the first few weeks everything was fine and running great. I upgraded my charge pipe shortly after the remap as I was told they are prone to cracking. Everything still seemed...
  5. 1st Gen. 1 Series (2004-2013 | E81, E82, E87, E88)
    Hey guys i recently bought a 2012 135i n55 and the passenger side eyebrow xenon headlight is not working, does anyone have any pointers to changing this strip of light? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results