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  1. Problems, Technical Issues & Error Codes
    Hi, Apologies for this I'm new to BMW and baffled. I have a 2018 BMW 2 series and am trying to get the wing mirrors to fold in. I have searched the console car setting and there's no reference to wingmirror folding. Press and hold the lock button, the car locks and then there's an electric...
  2. Too Late... Now Sold
    Complete BMW M3/4 style mirror units in Mineral Grey, 3 piece replacement. Taken off my BMW M140i due to fitting Carbon fibre ones. Fits 1/2/3/4 series. Professionally painted at Mstyle UK been on the car less than 6months, 1 broken clip but doesn't affect the fitment £80 posted
    £80 GBP
  3. 2 Series AT, GT & GC (2014-tbd | F44, F45, F46)
    Hi all, My mirrors are apparently not auto folding in (i.e. fold in when you switch off). In fact, I don't think they are electrically foldable at all. Seems odd on such a vehicle. Was that even an option on this car? Cheers! TJ
1-3 of 3 Results