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  1. 2 Series AT, GT & GC (2014-tbd | F44, F45, F46)
    Hi all, Bimmerlink has been consistently returning the following errors on my 2016 F45 225 Xe Active Tourer: Info Memory Date: VIN: 10 Central gateway module 8 errors 101008: Non-resolvable ambiguous routing - SG not in the SVT target table 100600: Flexray protocol startup time is too high...
  2. 2 Series AT, GT & GC (2014-tbd | F44, F45, F46)
    My F45 225Xe is only a 'Sport' model and does not have the M Sport steering wheel. The main reason this is annoying to me, is that my car does not have cruise control (which I really want) - only the limiter control, which frankly screams at me "look what you coulda had"! Anyway, I read that...
  3. 2 Series AT, GT & GC (2014-tbd | F44, F45, F46)
    Hi all, My mirrors are apparently not auto folding in (i.e. fold in when you switch off). In fact, I don't think they are electrically foldable at all. Seems odd on such a vehicle. Was that even an option on this car? Cheers! TJ
1-3 of 3 Results