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  1. 1st Gen. 1 Series (2004-2013 | E81, E82, E87, E88)
    I am a first time 57 plate 120d auto owner. I have had electrical issues since buying car 6 months ago. Had ECU and BCM replaced after water ingress caused dials to ding out and all warning lights to fire randomly. Battery, alternator and pulley replaced also. Solved issue for months. Suddenly-...
  2. 1st Gen. 1 Series (2004-2013 | E81, E82, E87, E88)
    Hi there all. New here my first attempt so I will try to be speaific and short. I bought a BMW series 116 2007 E87. It needs some love. I know more of the issues but I can't find online answer for my issue. My DTC don't open. I start the car, press the button and nothing happens. Also the ABS...
  3. 2nd Gen. 1&2 Series (2011-2021 | F20,F21,F22,F23)
    Once driving i got a random message of the ABS fault, which talks about driving stabilisation and continuing the journey at a moderate speed. Next day this disappeared and just came back on today and letting the car sit for a while is not getting rid of it. It might randomly disaapear once...
1-3 of 3 Results