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  1. 128ti
    Hello, I am looking to put exhaust tips on a 128ti. Does anyone know the sizing / dimension to go for ? I am assuming m135i exhaust tips do not fit as they’ll be too big. hard to find tips made for 128ti so if anyone has a website for this that would be much appreciated Cheers
  2. Coding & Software
    Picked up my 128ti on Saturday - and during the handover at the dealership we noticed that the iDrive was being sluggish. Having checked the software version it's running the latest version. Has anyone else found this? And better still, found a reason/solution/fix?
  3. 128ti
    Hi, new to this forum. Had 128ti just over a week having previously had an A200 Amg Line so notice a big difference in power and quality with the new wheels. I was wondering if the noise from the engine when at idle is normal in the F40? Only done about 150 miles. Took a video but not worked...
1-3 of 3 Results