Thanks to Defined Coding! Bootmod3 & Coding

At Defined Coding, we pride ourselves on not only the services we provide, but on how passionate we are about cars! We specialise in BMW F/G/I Series coding, retrofits, diagnostics and the enhancement of features allowing you to utilise your vehicles potential. Customer experience is key for us, so you'll find dealing with our services either in person or remotely efficient and easy.

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Thanks to Defined Coding! Bootmod3 & Coding

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Hi All,

I'm not usually one to write reviews (good or bad) but felt compelled in this instance!.

Through pure intrigue and noticing DefinedCoding (Kyle) as a new forum sponsor i went to check out the website and see what was on offer. I'd been flirting with the idea of getting a bootmod3 licence for a while and noticed Kyle had them at a price that was much lower than other suppliers i'd recently seen. With the lockdown boredom telling me to "do it" i purchased my bootmod3 licence and within 10 minutes or so had a personal communication from Kyle with all of the relevant information and the offer of a surprise complementary coding session!. At this point Kyle didn't necessarily know that i was a member here.

After receiving my licence details and reading up on the BM3 platform, i ordered all of the parts to build a Raspberry Pi based Wifi Agent. A surprise to me was not only that my device worked but furthermore that the process of flashing BM3 was so simple and on the initial unlock probably took around 3 minutes. Painful with lockdown however that i can't really test/try the car out other than the odd amble to Tesco and back.

A few days after mapping my car with bootmod3, we then arranged to do the remote coding session in the evening. It's a good job Kyle's background is in IT as i had multiple laptop issues (mac user) and he handled everything with patience and professionalism!. I give my company IT team plenty of stick as it is so was probably expecting a bit of Karma to come back and bite me in the ass here :lol:.

It's fair to say i had my fair share of laptop problems due to parallels and the ethernet connection throwing a wobbler. Kyle remained patient and somehow managed not to swear throughout and said we could do it another day. Once i had sourced a reliable Windows laptop, i messaged Kyle and within a few minutes we had arranged to have another go later that evening.

The coding session itself was very straight forward, all in all it probably took 20 minutes and i now have the latest updated software on top of various additional functionality that through the Bimmercode app i had previously would require me to be a little bit more intelligent than i'm likely to be any time soon.

Whilst on the phone he recommended certain options, explained what others had done, benefits/drawbacks etc and in all honesty made me consider options i was either;

1. Previously unaware of.
2. Didn't necessarily understand what they did.

Throughout the whole process Kyle was great & extremely knowledgeable, dealing with my 101 questions and offering to provide any further assistance i may require in the future at the drop of a hat!. We had a good chat about cars throughout the whole process and you can tell Kyle is a real enthusiast with a real passion for cars.

I'd highly recommend anyone after a bootmod3 licence or for any coding relating issues to have a chat with Kyle and talk through the issue, i'm sure he will be more than willing to help!.
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