What PureTurbos.EU can do for you!!!

Pure Turbos is coming to Europe, Offering BMW Turbo upgrades and associated tuning packages to make your BMW amongst the fastest in Europe. Operating from Belgium. Can do parts or whole package. Aside from Turbo's we also offer Fuel-IT, BMS and PTF BM3 tuning service!

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What PureTurbos.EU can do for you!!!

Post by Peter@Pure » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:04 am

Hi Guys,

Pureturbos.eu is specialised in providing great turbo upgrades from pureturbos in the USA for your BMW turbo engines. We are exclusive reseller of Pure Turbo's in Europe. We operate from Belgium. Needless to say we have the full backup from PureTurbos.com in the USA!!!

Aside from turbo upgrades we also are official reseller of the following vendors:
- Fuel-IT: For the fuelling need for your car
- BMS (JB4): For your tuning needs
- PTF BM3: Offering OBD unlock if you send in the dme, BM3 devices and licenses etc
- Wagner Tuning: For decat/intercooler etc

Together with these partnering vendors we are able to offer you a whole tuning project so you have one of the fastest BMW's in Europe. We can handle installation, tuning. But we can also offer parts only so you an do local installation. We can do remote tuning if needed etc. The sky is the limit!


A website will be up soon and it will also have a webshop for products from the above vendors. If you have any queries now feel free to directly mail me at peter@pureturbos.eu.

Kind regards,
F21 M140i - currently stock
F80 M3 - 100-200: 4.5s, 60-130: 5.3s
F20 M135i (sold) - 100-200: 6.26s, 60-130: 7.4s

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