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**New product bundle 50% off for a limited time**

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Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

find our New Product Group Buy Here

6 new products, one bundle price, plus you can still add any of our original products to your basket.

So what's included in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy you say?

1 x 500ml Spritzer Foaming citrus pre wash

1 x 500ml Synthseal Hybrid Cream Sealant

1 x 250ml HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Wetcoat Sealant

1 x 250ml Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing

1 x 500ml Alkalloy Non Acidic Alloy Wheel Cleaner Concentrate

1 x 500ml Trim Reaper Tyre & Trim Dressing Concentrate

That is a RRP of over £70 and the complete kit is on offer this week only for half price! Simply not to be missed.

Detailed product description of each product included in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy below:

Product no 1 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

Spritzer Concentrated Foaming Citrus Pre Cleaner

You could spend hours protecting your vehicle with wax and then accidently remove it all during a regular maintenance wash because you’ve used the wrong products. To stop this from happening, we at AutoGlanz have created Spritzer. Spritzer is a concentrated, mildly alkaline and non-caustic foaming prewash with a lovely natural citrusy scent.

The mildly alkaline formulation means that Spritzer Concentrated Foaming Citrus Pre Cleaner does not degrade wax or protective layers and can be used on all vehicle surfaces. The added foaming properties ensures that all contaminants on the vehicle are lifted and safely removed from the surface before you make direct contact during your wash routine and therefore reduce the risk of causing any damage to the vehicle. Spritzer can be diluted up to 250:1 with water and has the ability to be used through either a dedicated foam lance or a kwazar foam sprayer for those who do not have access to a foaming lance.

A benefit of Spritzer is that it has higher cleaning capabilities than a regular Snowfoam, however it has a much shorter dwell time, leaving you more time to concentrate on other parts of your routine.

Spritzer can be used as a direct replacement for a snowfoam if desired, it is extremely effective where a stronger pre cleaner is needed without the risk of damaging or degrading any wax layers applied, Spritzer stands out from the crowd especially in winter months.

Spritzer Concentrated Foaming Citrus Pre Cleaner


Spritzer is an extremely versatile cleaner, it can be used for conventional spot cleaner in the same way as other citrus pre cleaners, as a direct replacement to snowfoam in either a dedicated foaming lance or kwazar style sprayer or even as standalone cleaner for all of those hard to reach areas.


Conventional pre cleaning – Between 25:1 to 250:1

As a snowfoam replacement – Between 25ml and 200ml mixed in a 1L foam bottle with warm water

As a standalone cleaner – as desired, higher dilutions may degrade sensitive wax and sealant layers

Product no 2 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

Synth-Seal Hybrid Cream Paint Sealant

If you want to keep your paintwork in tip top condition, it is important to keep it protected. Here at AutoGlanz we want to make it as easy as possible to keep your vehicles paintwork looking its best, so we have created Synth-seal. Synth-seal is a long lasting, layer-able true hybrid cream sealant.

Synth-Seal takes easy to apply, long lasting sealants to a completely new level, in simple terms it’s a polymer sealant but there’s a twist! Synth-seal is both a wax and a sealant! Some very special chemical combinations on a molecular level allows Synth-seal to be applied in the nature of a liquid wax with the durability of a complex sealant. The bond strength achieved with the hybrid formula is remarkable and naturally accruing waxes simply struggle to compete.

Synth-Seal Hybrid Cream Paint Sealant requires no special surface preparation to achieve up to 6 months’ durability and 12 months is quite simple with a little care, but once you discover how easy Synth-Seal is to apply you will soon begin to look past durability and return to enjoying applying top quality protection!

If you’re a beginner to sealing wanting the best possible results with as little fuss as possible or even a professional detailer needed a sealant you can trust to deliver day in day out with little to no fuss Synth-seal is a must have sealant for any detailers bag. Along with its performance benefits the tutti fragrance will have you watering at the mouth as you protect your pride and joy with ease. This paired with the pale purple colouring is a match made in heaven.

Synth-Seal Hybrid Cream Paint Sealant


Synth-Seal requires no special surface preparation to achieve good durability, however it is always good practice to carry out a complete decontamination before applying any protection.

1: Apply a small amount of Synth-Seal to a microfiber applicator
2: Working one panel at a time gently spread Synth-seal over the complete panel working in criss cross motions (top to bottom, side to side in straight lines) ensuring the panel is covered from edge to edge with a thin layer.
3: Allow the thin layer to cure for roughly 5-10 minutes and buff off with a clean microfiber cloth

Product no 3 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant

Ease of use and application is a key factor taken into consideration when we are developing products here at AutoGlanz, HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant is possible our easiest to date. If, like us, your weekend and spare time is always busy packed to the brim with family or work commitments, you will know just how difficult it can be to find the necessary spare time needed to wash and maintain your pride and joy properly. Therefore, time saving products and methods are always well taken, especially when they do not compromise quality or your standards. HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant takes ease of application and quality combined to a whole new level.

HydReSeal is an extremely concentrate, highly versatile contact-less sealant packed to the brim with Si02-rich polymers. HydReSeal has being designed to be a spray-on, rinse-off sealant intended to be applied after the hand washing stage, i.e. between the final rinse and drying process. As a direct result of being treated with HydReSeal, all exterior surfaces instantly become more radiant looking and also become extremely hydrophobic. The Benefits of adding hydrophobic qualities to any exterior surface are the dramatic improvement of water beading it causes, but also the self-cleaning ability’s produced as a direct effect. By naturally repelling rain water and road spray, HydReSeal ensures a large amount of soiling deposited on the surface simply cannot accumulate and is washed away. Durability can last 3 months or longer with normal wash cycles, however we tend not add suggestions due to HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant being so easy to apply, as little as 1ml in 1L of water applied as a wet coat can add hydrophobic properties so top ups could not be more simple or cost effective.

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant can also be used as a conventional spray sealant making it a highly versatile product indeed, used in this method it can offer up to 6 months’ standalone durability. Simply sprayed onto a quality microfibre or suede applicator and applied to a single panel at a time, allow to haze and buff to a high shine, super slick finish.

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant Directions for use:

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant can be used as a wet coat/top-up or even as a standalone spray sealant at the correct dilutions

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant Dilution for wet coat application:

Shake well before use

1 For first time wet coat application, add 10-30ml to 500ml of water, for top-up add 2-10ml to 500ml of water

2 Apply the mixture liberally to the vehicle surface via suitable foaming apparatus

3 Allow to dwell for a few moments (no longer than 3 minutes is advised) do not allow to dry on the surface.

4 Rinse with high pressure wash ensuring to remove all of the foam/cream.

HydReSeal Polymer Concentrate Sealant Dilution for standalone sealant:

Shake well before use

1 dilute at between 5:1 & 15:1 depending on the level of protection desired and the working temperature.

2 Apply a small amount to a quality microfibre or suede applicator pad and work into the panel with low pressure ensuring to coat the complete panel

3 allow to haze and buff to a high shine finish with a clean high pile microfibre towel

Product no 4 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing

There’s no better feeling than stepping back and seeing all of your hard work come together, whether you’ve just completed a full detail or have finished a maintenance wash on your pride and joy the finishing touches make all the difference. That’s why here at AutoGlanz we have created Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing.

Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing is a highly durable, solvent based, dedicated tyre dressing that leaves the perfect glossy look on your tyres. It has been formulated to allow an easy spread application that creates a uniform coverage that even the least experienced user can handle. Über Schwarz has a very short drying time that leaves your tyres with a wet glossy appearance that is water resistant and zero sling.

Über Schwarz can be diluted up to 3:1 with a solvent such as panel wipe or mineral spirits to achieve a less glossy look for those who want fresh looking tyres without the shine. A durability of up to 6 weeks is easily achievable in typical British weather and even longer in the dryer months. All in all Über Schwarz is the perfect tyre dressing for people with all stages of expertise in the detailing world.

Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing


As with any tyre dressing, preparation is key, to ensure you give your dressing the best possible chance of lasting we suggest carrying out a thorough clean and dry of any tyres before the dressing is applied. See our correct tyre prep guide here.

Uber Schwarz Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing can be applied either via direct spray or applicator
Ensure the tyre is clean and dry before application
If spraying directly onto the surface, ensure an even but sparing coverage of the complete tyre sidewall, you do not want the dressing to be running or sagging on the surface. allow Über Schwarz do dry for a few seconds and wipe off any excess product from the wheels.

If applying via conventional applicator, simply spray a good amount to one side of your desired tyre dressing applicator, spread around the complete sidewall and leave to dry for a few moments.

Product no 5 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

Alkalloy concentrate non acidic wheel cleaner

There is nothing worse than your wheels being caked in hard to remove brake dust, so here at AutoGlanz we decided to do something about it. Alkalloy is a non-acidic and non-caustic, super strength wheel cleaning concentrate. Its aim is to help remove the hard to shift brake dust and grime with ease while still being safe on the delicate painted surface of your wheels. Alkalloy has been specially formulated with a high concentration blend of mild alkaline additives, cleaners and surfactants which work together to ensure road grime and brake dust will be dissolved and lifted away from the surface of the wheels in a safe manor in no time at all.

The non-caustic properties of Alkalloy concentrate non acidic wheel cleaner means that it is safe to use on almost all wheel finishes, and is safe to use on bare aluminium at the suggested dilution rates. Even though Alkalloy is non caustic, it does not lack in cleaning power. Its super strength formula ensures you are receiving the same results as a caustic equivalent wheel cleaner but the safety of being non caustic. The high foaming properties within Alkalloy will help to lift stubborn residue and safely carry’s the dirt and grime off the wheel, leaving you to just swill off any residue left behind with a steady flow of water.

Alkalloy is not just for use on heavily soiled wheels. If you just require a little bit of assistance with removing light soiling or if your wheels are sealed with a wheel sealant, then you can dilute it up to 20:1 with water. Alkalloy is the perfect wheel cleaner for all levels of soiling. If you’re a professional detailer needing the very best from your products at an affordable price or just someone that likes the keep your vehicle looking clean, we guarantee you will enjoy using AutoGlanz Alkalloy on your prized wheels.

Alkalloy concentrate non acidic wheel cleaner

Application & Dilution:

Alkalloy can be diluted up to 20:1 depending of soiling levels

Heavily soiled wheels: 1:1 – 5:1
Maintenance washes: 5:1 – 10:1
sealed and bare finish wheels 8:1 – 20:1

Product no 6 in our Exclusive New Product Bundle Group Buy

Trim Reaper concentrate multi purpose dressing

There is one thing that we can’t stand here at AutoGlanz, and that is faded trim. What could be worse than spending hours getting your paintwork nice any shiny and then having horrible faded plastics let the whole vehicle down. So we decided to do something about it, we formulated Trim Reaper concentrate multi purpose dressing with the U.V protection needed to keep your trim looking as good as the day it rolled of the production line.

Trim Reaper concentrate multi purpose dressing is a highly concentrated blend of oils and polymers, specifically designed for use on any plastic, vinyl or rubber finish. The complex formula of Trim Reaper actively bonds with any surface creating a layer of protection which offers excellent durability and hydrophobic properties. Water and soiling simply falls off the surface.

The Emulsified water base allows Trim Reaper to be highly diluted with water, a variety of finishes from high gloss to a natural sheen can be achieved on almost any trim or rubber surface. From interior dash to exterior trim or tyre’s in either gloss or natural finishes Trim reaper covers it all, virtually eliminating the need for more than one trim dressing in your detailing bag.

Application & Dilution:

Due to the versatility you will ultimately need to play around with Trim Reaper to achieve the desired effect, below are a few ‘guides’ to help you along your way to the perfect dressing of rubber and trim. Trim Reaper can also either be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied via an applicator, allow the product to flash off for a few moments and buff with a clean microfiber towel if desired/required.

Tyres: Neat – 5:1 depending on gloss level desired
Exterior Trim: Neat – 10:1 depending on gloss level desired
Interior trim: Neat – 25:1 depending on gloss level required
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