M140i Active Sound Coded - Updated with Guide

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Re: M140i Active Sound Coded - Updated with Guide

Post by tuaho » Sun May 20, 2018 12:45 pm

Hi there, I posted the same question in a new thread somewhere else but nobody seem to be able to help. Found this thread, I hope someone may be able to provide some insight!

So I took my F20 2013 M135i to a coder the other day who helped installed a 6WA and folding wing mirrors. Unfortunately he (and his friend) also decided to mess around with my ASD and it stopped working! When I looked into the module with Bimmercode it showed that "motor" was set to S63B44 and "baureihe" was set to F086. I know that those are the wrong models and might have affected the ASD so I switched them back to what I think should be right for my car (F20/21 and N55B30) but the ASD still isn't working!

The coder didn't seem to know how to fix this and when I asked him he said the module had been reset to factory. I find that hard to believe as the engine and car model numbers were wrong. The other settings in the module currently are:

AudioSystem - Stereo
Leistungsklasse - OL
Competition paket - No
Laendervariante - ECE
Baustand - Above 07/2013

I have played around with it by changing Leistungklasse to all the different settings which I believe is volume. Even tried turning on and off competition paket. Only thing I never touched was Laendervariente which I believe is region since the other options are China and USA. Does anybody know what all the default values are? Or anybody with esys nearby who can help reset / recode the entire module back to factory?

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Re: M140i Active Sound Coded - Updated with Guide

Post by downshift » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:47 am

Hi guys,
According to the ASD levels here:
-> SL appears to be the highest level.

But when I look in de bimmercode app:
->TL appears to be the highest level.

So my question, is SL or TL the highest ASD level :D

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