Need help diagnosing the cause of Issues and tips.

How to look after your paintwork

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Need help diagnosing the cause of Issues and tips.

Post by bsky »

Hi All,

Had my car just over a month now and have found some areas that need some love that i did not spot when i initially took delivery.

Its an Approved Used M135i 2014.

1) Weird Smudge almost looks like it might have been caused by misuse of a machine polisher. Best way to tackle?

2) Weird line along bottom of door, not really noticeable unless really focusing on that area, not sure on what could have caused this one. Best way to tackle?

3) Scuff / Scratch on rear window trim (Can I use regular polish on this?)

Images : (Unfourtunately all the images are too big to upload directly on to here, but they are in order with the above)

Im currently limited on tools but as of right now i have hand polish applicators, Auto finesse triple polish and some TCut.

All help appreciated.



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Re: Need help diagnosing the cause of Issues and tips.

Post by Sam1er »

1st 2 look they would come out with a polish from the pictures. Cannot condone the use of t-cut though :lol: 1st one might or might not come by hand, but worth a try.
2nd one looks like it should come out by hand.
The last one id be careful with, the window trims can have very little paint and lacquer on them so you dont want to go over it too much as to strike through.
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