How to Fit the E9X M3 Belly Pan to the E8X 1er

This section shows how to carry out modifications to your 1 Series. Please remember that if you are modifying your car to take photo's at each step and document the mod in here.
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Re: How to Fit the E9X M3 Belly Pan to the E8X 1er

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Did mine over the weekend, dead easy with a ramp and the right fixings, probably 20 minutes. One thing we did find was that hex rivnuts make life sooooooo much easier as they dont need to be held from the top, Screwfix do a box of various sizes for £20 :)

Not given the car much death yet but feels tighter at the front, also seems to have stopped an annoying knocking noise but that might just be coincidence, cheers @calvinnismo :thumbs:
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