Various Reviews....

This section holds links and reviews of the BMW from the media and other websites.

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Various Reviews....

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The below is an accumulation of user submitted posts and will be amended as more come in:

135i in Edmunds

Review of 118d 22/5/2007 ... 49804.html

123d Coupe Review / Road Test
Car Magazine
Yahoo Long Term Month 1
Yahoo Long Term Month 2
Yahoo Long Term Month3
123D v Golf GTi - 5 mins into video is a head to head
Car Enthusiast
Times On Line

4Car 125i convertible review ... le/16759/2

125i convertible review in evo ... eries.html

Auto Express 125i Convertible first drive ... tible.html

Autoexpress 116i v A3 1.4TSi v A170
116i ES comes first good review. ... _a170.html

Evo 135i coupe review ... eries.html

Clarkson on the 135i
surprising review from JC

"The fact of the matter is this. The 135 coupé is the best car BMW makes. I have no hesitation at all, then, in giving this long-awaited return to form the rare accolade of five stars." ... 103294.ece

Autocar 123d M Sport coupe review ... rt/229175/

1 series coupe Vs rivals group test ... ivals.html

Autocar Magazine 135i M Sport coupe first drive ... rt/228720/

Autocar Magazine - 123d Coupe First Drive ... rt/228824/

2008 135i Coupe clip ... 38531.html

Evo 130i 3 door review ... eries.html shootout with 130i 3dr ... ivals.html

3 door 1 series reviews
In dutch (but setup of this demo, the pictures and clip are nice to see without knowledge of dutch).

120d 3drs white M-sport 17"
The price tag of this demo car is 53.000 euro! ... 0d-m-sport


Fast Lane Daily 135i
135i mention on Fast Lane Daily, it's not much but worth a look ... d35830.htm

Via Michelin review 3- Door ... erie-1.htm

a favourable review of the 118i

Interesting 1 series news link (including M1?)

Honest John 120dSE road test

Superchips chipped 120d road test
It is of course very positive, but you wouldn't expect anything else from the manufacturer

CarAReOK BMW 130i
Video of some sort of German road test of 130i M Sport. Haven't a clue what he is talking about but a good watch - especially losing the back end!

Autocar 1series reviews
116i review
118i review
118d review
120i Sport review
120d SE review
130i M Sport review
Hartge H1 5.0 V8 review

GermanCarFans Test Drive BMW 130i M sport ... bmw/1.html

ITV Motoring: BMW 130i M Sport Road Test

European Road Test: BMW 120i ... _902.shtml

Fifth Gear BMW 130i road test ... pageid=210

Pistonheads - 130i M Sport
One of the best reviews so far

Autoweek review of 130i

The Times 130i review
Not a positive review, the reviewer is a real 1 series hater ... 69,00.html

Top Gear 130i Road Test
Top Gear website has a 130i road test: ... 04/02.html

Wheels24 ... 34,00.html

Lots of Road tests ... bmw/1.html ... fault.aspx ... 209065&FC= ... #ontheroad ... 0d_se.html ... ticle.html ... tml?id=530 ... tests.html ... eries.html ... =921838122 ... _1,00.html ... 54123.html ... 54123.html ... 54123.html

AutoExpress - 120d long term tests 7/05 to 7/06
AutoExpress have published a very positive update to their 120d long term test - including a visit to the Nürburgring Nordschleife

July 2005
October 2005
March 2006
July 2006

Another good 130i review
BMW Car Magazine also gave the 130i a good review.

They have a breakout about the SE, and say that even though BMW told them it had exactly the same suspension as the MSport one, it appeared to ride much better.

130i in Auto Express...
they love it... gave it 4 stars!! they also say the Alfa 147 is its main rival... it states that the 130i is in a class of its own... i agree ... sport.html

Modded 1 Series - Performance BMW
The August edition of Performance BMW Magazine has a good article on a 120D Sport with some minor mods.

18" BBS Alloys
Cool AC Schnitzer Exhaust (I want one)
A few other bits and pieces.

I dont have a scanner at the moment so you will have to buy the mag!

Hartge H1 test
The new BMW Car mag (I think ) has a road test of the Hartge H1, you know, the 1 with the 450bhp V8.

A very brief resume of the test:

They liked the body kit but not the wheels.
Brakes (non standard) good.
Performance out of this world.
188mph tops.
Grip excellent (225 front, 255 rear).
Handling ok, but affected by the extra weight in the nose.
Scary in the wet as no traction control fitted.

But they would have one if they had the money.

All the 1 series reviews from AutoExpress

New reviews: BMW 1-Series
Driver power 2008: BMW 1-Series
First drives: BMW 125ci
Car group tests: BMW 1-Series
New reviews: BMW 1-Series
First drives: BMW 118d SE
Driver power 2007: BMW 1-Series
First drives: BMW 120i SE 3dr
Long term tests: BMW 120d SE
First drives: BMW 130i M Sport
First drives: BMW 118d SE
Long term tests: BMW 120d SE
Long term tests: BMW 120d SE
Long term tests: BMW 120d SE

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