Vinyl Wrapping Roof - Would this Look Good ??

Can't decide on what factory or dealer options to go with?
Not sure what a specific option does?
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Re: Vinyl Wrapping Roof - Would this Look Good ??

Post by Yochim87 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:03 am

Yeah you can get custom vinyl vehicle wraps for the roof from Silvertipgraphics shop. They are also online so if you want to get more details, have a look at their official website. I recently got full body wrap for classic car and they did great job.

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Re: Vinyl Wrapping Roof - Would this Look Good ??

Post by ChrisF1 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:51 pm

dazmb wrote:
Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:00 pm
I was @ Sytner's in Leicester about 8 weeks ago to put my car in for some work and in their showroom they had a red 135 with what I thought was a graphite roof or covering. There were proper BMW performance graphite parts on it, but the roof was something they had done themselves. And guess what car it was?

Evo mags red 135 longtermer! They've chavved it up! Evo fully upgraded the engine and suspension and put some graphite bodykit on it, so Sytners had the aforementioned vinyl wrapped roof done to match it. Sytners are UK's biggest Beemer dealership chain so I know they get first pick of head office cars (+ only UK Alpina dealership).

I can't say I thought it looked too great to be honest, but fooled me into thinking it was graphite from a distance. I would worry what the state of it would be a year or two down the line. I'm sure things have moved on from the 70's (i'm old enough to remember the state of my Dad's Austin Princess's vinyl roof in early 80's after a couple of British winters and hot summers had ravaged it..... and it was not pretty :wink: ), but even so it could still get manky way quicker than the paintwork and that would not be a good or easy thing to cover up i'd think.
In my experience with vinyl wrap, it's fairly durable material with little colour fade or degradation of the glue etc. and if applied well, no reason it shouldn't last for several years without a problem. Especially if it's in a relatively 'safe' area like the roof; bumpers and bonnets can take quite a battering from stone chips, although the beauty of vinyl is it's easy to fix certain areas if they start to look less than ideal.

Personally, I think roof wraps are a simple and effective mod to do, but the key really is getting a good fitter, even for something like the roof.

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Re: Vinyl Wrapping Roof - Would this Look Good ??

Post by MattR8700 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:58 pm

- Black 2009 E87 118d MSport -

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Re: Vinyl Wrapping Roof - Would this Look Good ??

Post by Goon » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:13 pm

Dela wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:00 pm
There are just so many A3's and 1-series here that have their roofs done in flat black vinyl or painted black.

I'm glad for the sake of difference, that my roof is done in a vinyl that not many are doing. I do like my car without it too, so it will come of some time - but not yet.

My car prior to vinyl
Whitewall tyres, amazing look.

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