At Defined Coding, we pride ourselves on not only the services we provide, but on how passionate we are about cars! We specialise in BMW F/G/I Series coding, retrofits, diagnostics and the enhancement of features allowing you to utilise your vehicles potential. Customer experience is key for us, so you'll find dealing with our services either in person or remotely efficient and easy.

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Who are we:
We provide a unique experience coding and enhancing features within the BMW, MINI COOPER & ROLLS ROYCE GROUP, formed by enthusiasts we strive to supply the BMW scene with everything it needs from a technical perspective.

Services we offer:
On our website you'll find a long list of packages varying from small retrofits such as Apple Carplay, Cruise Control etc to firmware & software upgrades that can be applied to your vehicle and the relevant modules. We also actively develop and test our solutions to ensure the best possible service is provided, but also all of our coding packages and services are available remotely meaning our reach is global and at the convenience of our clients.

You may also find some familiar products on our website as we have partnered up with Bootmod3 to offer our clients the best cloud based tuning platform there is to offer.

What do I drive:
So some of you may have seen my car or even possibly met me, I drive a 2018 BMW M140i Shadow Edition (F20) with a long list of mods and retrofits its safe to say my car is far from my stock and with the help of babybmw I've managed to get the car exactly how I want it and met many great people along the way.

Now if you would like to get in contact with me to query what packages or options can be applied please feel free to reach out via email or direct message and I'll be happy to help where I can.

Kyle @ Defined Coding

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