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DervTech Tuning LTD are ECU calibration specialists based in North West England; offering in-house (on our chassis dyno) and remote tuning options for most BMW/MINI models. We are responsible for some of the fastest B58 & N55 powered (Mx40i/Mx35i) vehicles in the country, and pride ourselves in ensuring your vehicle drives, and performs exactly as it should.

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Re: Dervtech remote tuning

Post by MrArthur »

Another noobtuning question:

How does the data logs workout? What do I need for software/hardware to do that?

I got the OBDII/ethernet data cable and a laptop.

Im more intrested in the fine/custom tuning, that is possible with your remote tuning setup? How do we log, how to save the logs, how to send the logs...

Is it possible on doing on the road with just computer and internet access or do I need an dyno for that?

Sorry for the many questions, but I think this questions will help more people, not just me.

Best regards!
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Re: Dervtech remote tuning

Post by jammapic »

Hi again Arthur,

I thought we already went through this via the Facebook page conversation we had?

Any way... Your ENET cable can support various different logging softwares; including Test-O etc... you can save these; and send to us. Using this; we can fine tune the map.

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Re: Dervtech remote tuning

Post by Pellepirat »

Many questions asked, I have tuned my car now. If there are any other who want to know my opinion its here : viewtopic.php?f=74&t=117816
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