Let's Introduce Ourselves

Reach your car's potential. Fulfill your own. Get expert/insider technique from the leading authority on Vehicle Dynamics. Learn how your car works with knowledge & information you won't get anywhere else.

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Let's Introduce Ourselves

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The FAST way to develop and improve driving skill, technique and knowledge.
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Taught by industry experts Colin Hoad and Paul Millbank, CAT’s training is an incredible driving experience, like nothing you’ve ever tried before.

It’s a hands-on, risk-managed adrenaline ride that you’ll always remember.

Experience the thrill of navigating the world-famous proving ground at Millbrook, Bedfordshire, following in the tyre tracks of James Bond, Top Gear, Fifth Gear, AutoTrader, Which? front line car journalists, vehicle manufacturers and race teams.

Drive your own vehicle, or one of our own fleet of high performance cars.

Because you’ll be in the hands of the most accomplished coaches, you’ll be amazed at how much we teach seasoned drivers.

High performance driver training for road and track

From road to proving ground to racing circuits. You get the real deal from CAT. You’ll get the inside track from Colin Hoad, leading authority on Vehicle Dynamics, and his team. Our expertise is unparalleled.

Understand how your car works and get the most from it.

The best mod for your car? You!

You may have seen us on Fifth Gear. If you read Evo Magazine over the last few years, you may recognize our Chief Instructor, Colin Hoad who was one of their Experts. BMW Car Magazine also ran an extensive feature following their Editor taking our Performance Driver Course in 2008.

We provide driver training for race drivers, race engineers, performance car drivers and individuals wanting to improve their driving for both leisure and work, as well as the motor industry. The majority of training is on a 1-2-1 basis but group formats run from March to October for car clubs and friends. Training takes place out on the road or on the tracks at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, UK. *

Rated as Excellent by our clients - reassure yourself of the quality you can expect from your training experience via clients personal reviews here: Trustpilot

Advanced Driving with CAT
Safety First driver training for business & pleasure

Why just drive, when you can drive with an expert in your head forever? We make better, safer drivers. But it won’t feel a bit like a driving lesson.

An investment in safety and peace of mind, CAT’s customer-focused coaching leads to increased confidence and control. We’ve taught police accident investigators, insurers, vehicle test engineers and evaluators, ride and handling specialists, Nurburgring pool drivers, company car drivers… the list goes on.

You can increase engagement whilst reducing driving risk.

Assume nothing – learn everything!

• Learn how to keep your car stable and balanced at all times and in all conditions – with minimal driver input for maximum performance
• Understand better the relationship between vehicle dynamics and driver inputs
• Step beyond your comfort zone to a new relationship with your car – for better performance

At CAT we help you bridge the gap between driving a vehicle at its limits and exploring the dynamic reactions when you input into the controls. Using your own vehicle or one of the CAT fleet, we coach and mentor you 1:1 with your instructor alongside you in the car. No matter what race circuit you are looking to drive you will gain the tools to analyse and drive it for the best results.

Out on the road or at speed on the track, all our training is structured and safe – yet immensely challenging and enjoyable. We teach things that other trainers don’t even mention, and we explain everything to suit your own current skills and know-how. You don’t just learn new techniques, but you also understand why they’re important and what’s really happening underneath you while you’re driving. You enjoy a bespoke programme based around what you’d like to achieve.
  • Advanced Road
  • Performance Driving
  • Track Driving
  • Nurburgring Preparation
  • Racing
  • 5.5 day Academy Programme
  • Drifting & Over Grip Limit Handling
  • Evaluation Driver Training – for motor industry engineers
  • Fleet/Company Car Driver Training

Colin Hoad, the Director of CAT Driver Training, has spent over 30 years in the specialist motor industry. Motor racing at the age of 18 he enjoyed a rewarding career in motorsport preparation and management. He then moved into the vehicle evaluation and driver training industry with a major Japanese motor manufacturer.

All our instructors are hand picked and trained to deliver CATs unique brand of training - the quality and consistency of our delivery combined with the consistent high scores from feedback could not be achieved if we did. Each instructor brings specialist skills and qualifications to match the services we provide. As importantly they are warm, engaging personalities dedicated to your driving development.

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About Millbrook – our main base for training activities

Centrally located in Bedfordshire Millbrook Proving Ground is about 5 miles from junction 13 of the M1. It is one of Europe's leading locations for the development and demonstration of every type of land vehicle. The consequence of this custom-built facility means you have the perfect arena to develop your driving knowledge and technique.

The purpose built circuits allow us to break down your natural driving style into the core components used everyday and on track. Braking, Cornering, Low and High Speed driving as well as Observation and limit handling are all explored in a variety of scenarios that are difficult to find anywhere else in one place.

The art of driving is dissected into manageable bite size learning chunks, building your mental toolbox and making your new found techniques systematic. The skills you develop will be taken into your road driving for your safety and apply for track enthusiasts at any circuit.

A training session with CAT will always start with the core areas of braking and observation. No matter what level of experience you arrive with, these key aspects to your driving will be explored. Depending on your objectives and itinerary you could find yourself on the Mile Straight for 15 minutes or up to 90 minutes working through the many braking techniques: Threshold; High G; ABS; Linear; Pedal Exit; Heel & Toe; and Left Foot Braking.
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Time on the High Speed Circuit looking at high speed driving and observation follows, before moving onto exploring the many and varied cornering techniques that can be used. The combination of the Handling Circuit and Alpine Loops provides practically every type of corner you will drive through. Exploration of real time understeer and oversteer completes the standard itinerary for our clients on their first visit to us. The combination of your learning experience with CAT and the Millbrook facility makes a powerful duo, which truly accelerates your learning curve.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch and find out what CAT Driver Training can do for you.

Please PM CATDT, call us in the office on 01234 757633
or send us an email: info@catdrivertraining.co.uk to discuss your individual needs and objectives.
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* some courses utilise Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire
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